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RV Inspections by RV Sure LLC

What are RV Inspections?

RV Inspections are like home inspections, evaluating their systems, structure and safety. They can be performed on all classes of RV. Detailed reports, including 20 to 40 photos, are delivered in PDF format within 24 hours of scheduled inspections, enabling potential owners to make educated decisions on their purchase. For information on systems inspected see the Points of Inspection summary below.


Why do you need a RV Inspection?

Prices of RVs range from a few thousand dollars for a pop-up camper to millions of dollars for a luxury class A coach. With the same systems as a house that allow for self-contained living, and those that allow for mobility, RVs are very complex. When RVs travel along roads the forces and stresses they are subjected to can take their toll on structures and systems. Without proper checks and maintenance issues can develop, often without the owner being aware. When shopping for an RV customers are often distracted by the features and how they will use them, imagining future vacations, but blinded to issues that may exist.

Avoid a costly mistake, avoid a ‘lemon’ or ‘money pit’.

Have a professional, unbiased and independent RV inspection performed by RV Sure LLC.


How much do RV Inspections cost?

Pricing depends upon the class of RV being inspected (Class A, B or C motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Truck Camper, Pop-up Camper), and ranges from $375 to $600.


How do you schedule a RV Inspection?

Contact Nick  cell # (254) 722-1435


What else do you need to know?

For best results the RV needs to have full hookups available at the time of the inspection, this includes 30 or 50 amp power, city water supply and sewer. There should be water in the fresh tank, and the refrigerator should be running at least 12 hours before the inspection. Your inspection will take several hours to complete.


What additional services are available?

Fluid analysis can be performed on motorized RVs and those having generators, providing an indication of the internal mechanical condition. Fluids which can be analyzed include engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant. The cost for this service is $60 per fluid sampled.



Points of Inspection include:

Life Safety Issues:

Hot Skin Test   ♦   Propane Leak Detection   ♦   Propane Tank Condition   ♦   Fire Extinguishers   ♦   LP, CO, and Smoke Detectors    ♦    Water Heater   ♦   Emergency Exit Windows   ♦   GFCI Circuit Test and Polarity Test   ♦   Refrigerator Recall Kit installed   ♦


Vehicle Information:

VIN Number   ♦   Vehicle Year   ♦   Vehicle Brand   ♦   Vehicle Model  ♦             RVIA Seal    ♦    State Inspection   ♦   License Plate   ♦


Vehicle Exterior:

Roof: Condition   ♦   Seals   ♦   Joints   ♦   Trim Rails   ♦   Vents   ♦   Covers   ♦   Accessories   ♦

Side Walls: Condition   ♦   Paint and Decals   ♦   Windows   ♦   Entrance Doors   ♦   Cargo Doors   ♦   Awnings   ♦   Slideouts   ♦   Slideout Toppers   ♦


Chassis and Undercarriage:

Frame   ♦   Shock Absorbers   ♦   Running Gear   ♦   Steering Components   ♦   Wheels and Tires    ♦    Leveling System   ♦   Hitch, Receiver and Connectors   ♦   Motorhome Engine Running, Fluids, Hoses, Radiator   ♦


Electrical Systems:

12 Volt DC Chassis Lights   ♦   12 Volt DC Interior, Exterior, Cargo Lights   ♦   Coach Battery(s)   ♦   Converter   ♦   Inverter   ♦   Power Cord   ♦   Panel Box   ♦    Fuses   ♦   Receptacles   ♦   Generator   ♦


Water Systems:

Connections   ♦   Showers   ♦   Faucets   ♦   Level Monitors   ♦   Operation of Fresh Water Pump, Gray and Black Water Valves and Caps   ♦



Air Conditioner(s)   ♦   Water Heater   ♦   Furnace   ♦   Washer   ♦   Dryer   ♦   Vacuum   ♦   Electric Fireplace   ♦   Ceiling Fan   ♦   Refrigerator   ♦   Cooktop   ♦   Oven   ♦   Microwave / Convection Oven   ♦   Exhaust Vent(s)   ♦   Dishwasher   ♦



Ceiling   ♦   Walls   ♦   Vents   ♦   Skylights   ♦   Closets   ♦   Pantries   ♦   Cabinets   ♦   Drawers   ♦   Doors   ♦   Windows   ♦   Flooring   ♦   Sinks   ♦   Shower   ♦   Tub   ♦   Toilet   ♦   Furniture   ♦   Electronics (Blu Ray, DVD, TV, Radio, VCR)   ♦


2 thoughts on “RV Inspections by RV Sure LLC”

  1. Dave Brush says:

    Nick provided a thorough and professional inspection of the coach we are now more comfortable purchasing. Nick provided us with an expectation of the time needed to do the inspection so that we were prepared. Then he was very methodical in following an exhaustive list of inspection items in a logical fashion from the top down. The report we received after his inspection was easy to follow and understand. The report also used photos with graphics to highlight any areas of concern. We highly commend Nick for his professionalism and have no reservations about referring him to others. You will sleep better knowing that EVERYTHING was inspected and that there are no unpleasant surprises lurking.

    1. Nick Urmston says:

      Thankyou for your comments. Enjoy your travels!

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