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Deneve Garment Steamer – An Iron Alternative


Product: Deneve Garment Steamer Review
Price: $19.95 at amazon.com
Water Capacity: 7oz
Power: 950W
Cord Length: 9 Feet

The Deneve Portable Garment Steamer, Product Overview

We don’t like to iron, we don’t have space for an ironing board in our RV, but still have the need to remove wrinkles from clothes. Could a portable garment be a suitable alternative?

At less than 9 inches tall, the Deneve Portable Garment Steamer is compact and lightweight, yet still has enough water capacity to allow for around 10 minutes of use before refilling. The water tank is visible, so it is easy to see when it is empty, and having a power rating of 950W it is ready for use in about 2 minutes.

Also included are a brush attachment which can be used when steaming fabrics, and a garment holder with suction cup.

Garment holder, steamer with brush attachment

Simple Operation

There are not many parts used to operate this garment steamer, just a filler cap which is removed to add water, and an on/off switch.

Although plain tap water can be used, distilled water is recommended. We chose the latter, to avoid mineral buildup and associated performance issues. For those who choose to use tap water, a procedure for removing mineral buildup is included in the instruction booklet.

After setting the on/off switch to the on position and waiting for the water to boil, steam is emitted from the steam nozzle and the Deneve is ready for use.

In use

We use the garment steamer in the bathroom of our RV. We found we can hang several garments on hangers ready to be steamed by resting a shower rail across the middle of our shower.

In use the generous 9 feet of power cord ensure that we always have plenty of reach. Holding the steam nozzle against garments, with vertical motion, wrinkles are easily removed. It is actually fun to use and see them disappear.

Before steaming (left) after steaming (right)

At times it is necessary to hold the garment to prevent it swinging away from the steamer, while being careful around the steam. A silicone hand guard, which I notice some recent customers received as a bonus item, would have been welcome for this.

After using, the steamer is allowed to cool before any remaining water is poured out.

As good as an iron?

The Deneve Portable Garment Steamer is very good at what it does…. removing wrinkles. We use it mainly for T-shirts and it is perfect for our needs.

It cannot produce pressed creases as a traditional iron does, but that is not why we bought it.

Great value, quick and easy use and compact size make it a valuable tool in our RV.









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